I dream of Johnny

by stargayzer3000

It was at the gym. I had ended my workout, had showered and changed and was going down the stairs to leave when I saw him coming up the stairs with his personal trainer, a very fit, hot dyke, whose challenging workout had been astounding me just moments before. He had just arrived to start his work out. He’s slim. He had on a cotton, ivory colored tank top. I think he was wearing a pair of gray sweats. His hair is shorter now than it is in this picture. Still long on the top, but trimmed on the sides. More streamlined. He looks young, or maybe he gets treatments on his face, I can’t be sure. His eyes were cast downward slightly. Maybe he was avoiding other people’s eyes, maybe he was just concentrating on the stairs. They are unstable. He seemed determined to get his workout going. At the top of the stairs I heard him say to his trainer something like, “Let’s start with the incline….” Or something like that. The words aren’t coming back to me now. I thought it was strange that he was choosing how to start. When I had a trainer I didn’t get any choices.

I wondered how he feels being an Asian actor here, well I mean, period. It’s so funny because just before, when I was still working out, there was this older Asian gentleman on the mats beside me who I kept thinking was the actor George Takei, though after repeated glances I determined that it wasn’t him. He was too wrinkly, narrow faced, and George Takei’s face is broad and always appears smooth and pulled in pictures. How ironic that J should walk in then, having played Sulu in the new Star Trek film. Sulu always struck me as an odd choice for an Asian character’s name. It sounds African. J was born in South Korea, but he grew up in Los Angeles, so he must really know his way around. I wonder if he has an opinion on the ongoing difficulties in Korea’s North/South politics. Intriguingly, George Takei was born in Los Angeles. Funny, the older guy is native born, I wouldn’t have figured that. People always seem to need Asian people to not be from here, as if it’s impossible to imagine them being born in the U.S. At least it sort of feels that way. Whenever I see Asians in other countries (outside of Asia), I have the same judgment myself, like, how could they have been born here? It’s ridiculous to think that of course.

I liked that he had a hot dyke as a trainer. I wonder if he’s liberal. I’ve never seen his Harold and Kumar movies. Not out of principle or anything, I just haven’t gotten around to it. His trainer is incredible looking… the veins on her biceps pop out when she flexes them. It’s almost scary. J didn’t seem scary.